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 Crystal Falls

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Aella Ealasaid

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Falls   Fri 26 Dec 2014, 12:43 am

Aella didn't really have anything to say to the first bit of stuff, but the statement about everyone in their homes certainly got her attention. Was that a hint of jealousy? "Oh, well...Their loss for needing a plant to be able to do that. You don't need something like that to get a kiss out of me." She knew it was Christmas, but it wasn't really all that important to her. The holiday wasn't all that big of a part of her culture, and she was used to being alone anyway, so to her today was really just the same as any other day. It was slightly better though since she did have Sakuda to keep her company.

"Well...I might be part fish, but I am still a woman, and I hear that's a trait that all women have, overthinking things." She shifted a bit as Sakuda gave her a pet though she wasn't moving away. Her eyes closed for a moment before reopening as she gave the other a smile. In all honesty, Aella kept to herself too much to be bothered with sleeping around. Most of the time she would just lay around and act melancholy and miss her child. The seductiveness that she held was more for luring people to the water to drown, and she found it was a lot easier to do with men, and though it wasn't really fair...She held a bit of a grudge against them for the one man she had been with, and so they mostly ended up drowned.
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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Falls   Fri 26 Dec 2014, 10:45 pm

The blackette couldn't help but to wiggle her shoulders, a soft laugh escaping her mouth. "Was that an offer, or just a fact?" She tilted her head as she asked the question, adding to the look of teasing. Though, knowing Aella, she was being serious. The mermaid tended to be blunt, but it wasn't a bad thing--or that's what Sakuda thought. Sometimes, it was just best to be honest. With a soft sigh, Saku withdrew her hand from Aella's head, setting it back on the ground beside her.

"Ah, yes. Unfortunately that's a fact about us; we overthink things. Sometimes way overthink things. I used to do that; it got me into a lot of trouble," she muttered, recalling what a handle she was as a young teen. She was lucky she had been friends with an important person back then. "Oh well. It's something we gotta live with, and I'd rather over think than not think about something at all." Impulsive. That was the word she had been thinking about to describe her younger self. Irrational. Illogical. The blackette hummed to herself as she looked upon Aella's face, a half-smile forming. "You're pretty adorable though. When you think, you get this distant look in your eyes sometimes, and it just... I dunno. I guess it's like what the humans describe in their "fairytale" books."

"They're disgusting--those Humans."

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Aella Ealasaid

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Falls   Sat 27 Dec 2014, 12:10 am

The mermaid shrugged her shoulders at Sakuda's question. "Whichever you want it to be, really." Aella hadn't really thought about how she had meant for that comment to be taken, and now that she actually had...She realized that it didn't really matter all that much to her. It could be taken however it was taken, no big deal.

Aella was silent as she listened to what Sakuda had to say. With a slight smile she looked down toward the water, "Am I...?" Shifting some she placed her hands against the ground above herself and pulled herself up onto the land beside the other woman, part of her tail still hanging down in the water. Her hands were placed against the ground behind herself and she leaned back on them while tipping her head backwards. She looked upward and stared for a moment before speaking up, "I wouldn't necessarily call those times thinking as much as...reliving memories, or possibly even fantasizing. I'm sure a lot of the pictures of us, and the times we were spotted for stories to be seen were probably while we were doing that. It's something we're good at."
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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Falls   

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Crystal Falls
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