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 Information On Groups and Admins and Mods

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PostSubject: Information On Groups and Admins and Mods   Sun 18 Sep 2011, 2:34 am

Admins and Mods

Head Admin

Co Admin

Head Mod

-Is here to help you when Admins are not on and to contact us if something bigger is needed


Werewolves are humans that turn into wolves. They have great speed, a high body temperature, and usually travel in packs or are loners.  They can read other werewolves minds and can choose to stay at one age or continue to grow.
Vampires are humans that have been transferred into a being that only drinks blood and thirsts and craves for it. They look like normal humans, though are a little paler, have great speed, and don't sleep. They can however go into sunlight.  They also stay at one age the rest of their life, and are not immortal.
Eternals are humans that have been cursed with an eternal life span.  They aren't immortal and can age, but most choose to stay at one age.
Half Breeds can be a vary of things.  They can be half human and half something else, or they can be half of two races. Example: half werewolf and half vampire. The two halves do NOT have to be from something listed on the site.
Fairies are human sized beings with wings and a connection with nature.  They can become smaller at times, but usually stay human size. They are usually very playful, but can be very mean.
Nekos are humans with cat like features.  They can turn into cats and read other Neko's minds.
Elves are creatures that look human, but have pointed ears. They also have a connection to nature like Fairies. Unlike Fairies though, they are usually very nice and friendly.
Angels are dead beings that have been accepted to Heaven.  They were once a race before they died, like an eternal or vampire, etc.
Mages are humans that use deamonic magick and can be quite powerful at times. Shape shifters fall under this category.
Dragons are humans that turn into dragons and have dragon abilities. They can grow or stay at one age, like werewolves and eternals.
Humans We all know what humans are. But in this world they are the enemy. If you wish to be a Human you must PM Sukiyomi, and ONLY Sukyomi. You may have another account as another race, but only one Human per person is allowed. Two other races(two other accounts) per person as well.

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Information On Groups and Admins and Mods
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