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 Honami, Eiri

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Eiri Honami

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PostSubject: Honami, Eiri   Thu 08 Nov 2012, 6:41 pm


“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: Neko.
AGE: Twenty.
GENDER: Female.
OCCUPATION: Street Performer.

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: Cyan blue, with a mixture of purple. // Dark blue as a cat.
HAIR COLOR: Off White-ish colour, perhaps a ting of an off pink. // A tan hue as a cat.
HAIR STYLE: Extremely long, ending around her knees. She has braids around her upper face area that rests against her chest. // Fluffy long hair as a cat.
SKIN TONE: Healthy white, but not pale.
HEIGHT: Five foot, Three Inches.
WEIGHT: Unknown, but quite light.
MARKINGS: Eiri's ears usually hide amongst her hair, there are two off set looking pieces of hair that are actually her ears, but they do not appear as her neko ears. Strangely enough, Eiri does not have a tail unless she becomes very emotional, then it suddenly 'uncurls', or simply appears under stress or anger.

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
PERSONALITY: Eiri is actually a very kind and happy woman, appearing the usual cheerful every day person that you would meet probably out in the markets. She's always looking forward to the next day in life, telling people that living the day they are in like their last, usually allows them to find true happiness, as they would want to do the things that they usually cannot do if they've passed away. Her happiness usually appears contagious, as other people tend to become very happy around her. Eiri seems to never appear sad or depressed, but this is hidden by her cheerful and happy personality.

It may not appear it, but Eiri gets stressed very easily. The worries of every day life, such as paying bills, making it to certain meetings or money of any sorts makes her extremely stressed. When Eiri becomes stressed, she becomes extremely agitated and snaps at anyone around her, this has included her own family members if they're the one who have caused her to become extremely pissed off. When angry, Eiri usually doesn't speak to anyone, and would give everyone a nasty look and go on with her business. But because of this, the young woman has a hard time creating new performances for her street shows, as everything becomes too rigged and tight and not loose like it usually should be.
HABITS: Eiri usually looks in a mirror for long period of time, trying to make sure that no one can find or tell that her off set hair is actually her neko ears. She's actually extremely sensitive about her ears, or that people point out the lack of her neko tail that a couple of others have, her entire family does not have 'tails' unless placed underneath great stress or anger.
◇ Balance.
◇ Cooking.
◇ Stealth.
◇ Dance.

◇ Sushi.
◇ Running.
◇ Star Gazing.
◇ Naps.
◇ Snow.

◇ Cold Water.
◇ Storms.
◇ Gum.
◇ Sardines.
◇ Summer.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Kiss it Better | | Supposedly cats have been known as the cleanest animals in the world, and this is because they usually clean themselves regularly and are normally always healthy. Eiri was born with the natural ability of healing, and that's with her own saliva. Unique to herself, and varies differently within her family, but Eiri has the ability to heal and clean wounds of other people, along with herself by cleaning them with her tongue. Simple scratches and cuts are healed quickly, and take a few seconds. Bigger ones take a couple of minutes. While larger gashes only heal the certain layer of skin, and would repeatably need to be cleaned.

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
    Father - Daisuke Honami.
    Mother - Cho Honami.

    Older Sister - Sakuya Honami.
    Older Brother - Yuri Honami.
    Adopted Brother - Aido Honami. [Non-Neko]
    Younger Brother - Akatsuki Honami.

HOMETOWN: Nomadic ---> Miyagi Prefecture.
BIRTH-DATE: June Fifth.
HISTORY: Eiri wasn't exactly born in Miyagi Prefecture, but it was the earliest memory of being in a place where she felt safe, and not when her parents were being nomadic with her and her siblings. She remembers walking through the protective barriers of Prefecture, and quickly loving the different colours that were throughout the protective world that kept creatures of all different races safe from the harsh rules and hate of the humans that lay on the other side. Eiri's parents quickly found jobs around Prefecture, creating a stable house hold for their four children.

Around the age of thirteen, Eiri found a non-neko boy that escaped the harsh lands of the humans, or simply known as humes. He told Eiri that he had ran away from his mother, who was actually human and could not believe that her 'boyfriend' was actually one of those horrid creatures. It took him years before he finally gained the courage to finally get up and leave his mother, and other half-brothers and sisters who were also human, or a couple were creatures. Feeling horrible for what was happening to the young boy, named Aido, she had her family take him in, and raise him as one of their own. Eiri was very happy, especially because he was the same age as her at the time.

Years quickly passed, and nothing new happened in Eiri's life. A couple of things that included trying to attend High School, however that did not work out well and she escaped that life and began to hide and basically live most of her life in the near by forests. This is when Eiri actually found out that she had the natural element of water, leaving her simply amazed. It was strange as well, since cats of any sorts disliked the water and element of water. However, Eiri quickly figured it out that she could use the water 'bending' of sorts to make a water show. That's when the young neko woman brought her act to the streets, quickly finding favor as she used the ability over water to create water shows. It allowed her to find true passion, and slowly begin to support herself with money that people would give her for a good show.

Currently, Eiri moved out of her parents house hold, and actually got a 'high school' degree within Prefecture, and found an apartment that would actually fit her needs in shelter without having to pay too much. Her adopted brother, Aido usually visits her, and appears to hold more emotions towards her than brotherly. Even though young, at the age of twenty, she hopes to actually find some type of love life; but only if the man is right for her.

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Quotes © The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

E I R I . H O N A M I
"A new day begins when the sun rises."

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Races Medic

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PostSubject: Re: Honami, Eiri   Thu 08 Nov 2012, 7:02 pm

You make me do crazy things.

"They meant a lot to you, didn't they?"
"They did, but everything happens for a reason."


I miss hearing you sing
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Honami, Eiri
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