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 Villiers, Rush

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Rush Villiers

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PostSubject: Villiers, Rush   Sun 29 Apr 2012, 4:07 pm

Rush Leonidas Villiers

“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: Werewolf
AGE: Unknown (Looks 17)
NICKNAME(S): Tortoise
OCCUPATION: Reconnaissance Scout

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
HAIR STYLE: Worn long and tied back
SKIN TONE: Olive-toned tan
HEIGHT: 6'0"
MARKINGS: Glowing tattoo across his chest and back, a mirror image. Given at birth, and of unknown origin. Simply the catalyst of his ability.

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
PERSONALITY: Rush is a patient, kind soul. On the outside, he can seem as if he is silent, and almost as if he cares more for nature's company than other people, but truthfully he seeks another of his kind. Rush is a former imperial scout, and now runs reconnaissance missions of small pay for any customer. He also functions as a delivery boy, and never turns down a chance to help someone. In a valiant effort, he hates to see innocents brought to harm, but will extremely seldom strike another without first being struck. Alternatively, he places himself in harm's way more often than naught in their stead. Under the armor, Rush is a warm individual, caring deeply for others and always looking to help. He does not trust easily, but this is easily assuaged by those like himself. He does not sense ill intentions from anyone with a common background, occupation, and even more rarely than occupation, race. He tends to be a leader, often being charismatic and giving good advice, particularly in combat situations that require tactics, but not limited to regular life advice. He is often referred to as "Tortoise", meant to refer to his old, wise soul.
HABITS: Humming quietly, disappearing for days on end to the wild, placing himself in harm's way for another.

◇Others wolves
◇Hot Chocolate
◇The sound of the Ocean

◇Obscenely loud noises
◇The city

SPECIAL ABILITY: Tortoise: Rush's marking is more than a decoration, and allows him the ability to be a defensive bastion. His marking lets forth an aura that takes one of three colors, and each coincides with absorbing damage, and doing something different with the energy absorbed
Physiguard -Gold-: Allows for Rush to absorb hits in a defensive posture, cutting damage done to him by 90%, and taking a set amount of energy from his body to keep the aura up per post as he simply absorbs the energy, releasing it silently
Mediguard -Aqua-: Allows for Rush to absorb hits in a defensive posture, cutting damage done to him by 75%, and taking a set amount of energy from his body to keep the aura up per post as he uses the absorbed energy to heal him at a slow rate, releasing nothing
Counterguard -Crimson-: Allows for Rush to absorb hits in a defensive posture, cutting damage done to him by 50%, while sustaining the energy absorbed within his aura, releasing the aggregate amount at the end of his defensive posture at the enemy through his weapon, or through his hands. Takes a set amount of energy from his body to keep the aura up per post (RARELY USED OUTSIDE OF ABSOLUTE NECESSITY *Rush hates violence and harming others, regardless of their harm to others*)

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Father and Mother(Unnamed for RP purposes)
SIBLINGS: None to his knowledge, many godbrothers and godsisters to be spoken of, however
HISTORY: Rush was raised by many a tutor, butler, or maid growing up. His father and mother were politicians, and had adopted Rush at a young age. Rush's parents were political activists for creature's rights, as the humans sought to keep them down. Up until the age of 10, Rush rarely saw his parents, as they were often out campaigning. They would come home once every 90 days to spend a week with Rush, and they would always go out to the woods to camp. Rush all but lived for these visits, keeping his schoolwork admirable, and attending sparring, horseback riding, and other subjects so that his parents would have nothing to worry about except planning their next camping trip. At the age of 10, things took a downward turn as Rush's mother was killed by violent human extremists. His father came home afterwards for two years, and was ofttimes depressed. The camping trips didn't stop, but they weren't the same.

Instead of being depressed as well, Rush became positive and optimistic, seeking to make his father the happy man he used to be. For the next two years, however, Rush absolved from violence in whole. He refused to strike anyone back in sparring class, and simply took hits. He found that when he did not strike back, his marking would glow, and he could easily absorb the damage, and manipulate the energy absorbed to simply store, heal him, or blast outwards. Rush never let it get that far. He refused to cause harm to others, as he thought his mother would have wanted.

At the age of 12, Rush began to have trouble physically. He grew a great amount, and he had frequent aches and pains. His father, not knowing what to do, called the headmaster of the school, who informed the grieving father that his son was a werewolf. This was a great shock to his father, and he was almost unable to bear it. He did not love his son any less, but he would try to help him through it all, and find a cure. The government then intervened, taking the young Rush and putting him under a military supervisor. The supervisor was a kind, albeit severe man by the name of Nightshade. Nightshade was very interested in the boy's ability, and sent him back to his father, under his personal supervision. The government protested, but Nightshade had some sort of power, for at his threat, the entire senate was silenced.

Rush grew normally as any werewolf could, and his personality traits of hating violence and channeling energy to release it helped his condition a great amount. Most werewolves only lost their control because they could not control their emotion, or energy. This young boy was the perfect wolf, for his innate ability coincided perfectly with his race. One year after the events that came to the knowledge of his race, Rush graduated his school with honors, and was gifted by Nightshade, an enchanted spear, that he was never found without.

For the following seven years, Rush was a part of the Imperial Scouts, under direction of Nightshade, who joined the scouts as well to keep a close eye on him. This taught Rush very much, and he was a prodigy as a scout. His heightened senses kept him alert to much, and his comfortability with nature made him all but one with it as the wildlife would not scatter when he was near. This glory came to a screeching halt when Rush's father was found missing, and Nightshade took the grieving boy aside. He informed him that his success, despite being a creature, probably had made the humans do something terrible to the supportive father, and Rush could not bear this. He took use of his tracking skills attained as a scout, and found his father in an undisclosed location.

Those treacherous humans had done horrible things, and without the combat expertise of Nightshade, Rush found himself alone surrounded by many of them. Before, he had never allowed his ability to be used to harm, but he had no other option. He could either continue to take hits, and eventually die, along with his father, or he could release the energy and save the man that raised him. The decision was easy for the now hardened scout, and within half the battle, Rush's marking glowed red beneath his armor, and the energy released killed every human present. His father was beyond recognition, and beyond help, and Rush carried him back to their base camp, and to Nightshade.

Upon his return to their camp, Rush found the entire brigade in flames, and Nightshade standing alone, weary and injured. Rush tended to his mentor, and his father, and discovered that war had been declared. Any human helping a creature was to be terminated, and this included Nightshade. A small group of men sat near the treeline, and Rush learned that this was Nightshade's team, his band of merry men, his warriors, and his best friends. Over the night, Rush's father passed away from injuries, and a determined Rush joined Nightshade's group.

Many battles were fought and won, but an event occurred that could not be helped. Nightshade's team was led into an ambush, and their transport vessel was blown up, causing the entire team to scatter, going to different places. The humans believed the team dead, and Rush disappeared for a very long time, only reappearing now, in a new place, wishing for it all to go away.

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PostSubject: Re: Villiers, Rush   Sun 29 Apr 2012, 5:49 pm

You make me do crazy things.

"They meant a lot to you, didn't they?"
"They did, but everything happens for a reason."


I miss hearing you sing
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Villiers, Rush
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