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 Afet, Sasuke

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PostSubject: Afet, Sasuke   Sat 10 Mar 2012, 2:40 am

Sasuke Vince Afet {Turkish for 'lovable'}

“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: Neko
AGE: 17 years of age.
GENDER: Male/ Boy/ Young man/ Grown Male. To put it simply all male.
NICKNAME(S): Vincent & Orphened one
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Sasuke has never been really told about it. He is clueless about this topic so really he doesn't know.
OCCUPATION: The poor boy doesn't really have a job. Surviving on his own and traveling is just about all that he does anymore. Don't take it the wrong way though, he wants to work but has a hard time trying to get others to believe him. Wanting to prove himself so he can get a job is what I'm getting at but other's don't think he knows what to do in a job. Some call him rather clueless since well he doesn't know about what he is looking for in both a male/ female partner.

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: Apple Pie Crust Light Brown. The boy's eyes look to be a cinnamon apple color making his hues a light brown/ red color.
HAIR COLOR: Bland/ light brown. Making his hair a almost baige gray brown color.
HAIR STYLE: Short lengthend ending to about the top of his shoulder's. Doesn't care much about cutting his hair though he cuts it evenly at the ends for he wants it to grow so he can braid his hair. For wanting to braid his hair, it is his custom of showing his loyalty and how trustworthy he is.
SKIN TONE: A healthy tone. Is not pale at all for it holds fairness and is clean with no blemishes.
WEIGHT: 121 pounds
MARKINGS: Being like any other neko, the young one has ears of that of a cat as well as a tail much like one. Believe it or not, his ear's and tail change color depending on the season's though mostly they stay black. When they do change then his ear's and tail will be white with light brown tips. Having a tattoo on both of his hand's. Down below is how they look.

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
  • Cautious
  • Careful
  • Caring
  • Loyal
  • Easily scared of loud noises
  • Rebellious
  • Gentle
  • Kind
  • Longing for attention from others
  • Loving

These are the main traits/ or feelings that the young one will show. In his custom's, being 17 years of age he is still considered as young. A little on the clueless side since he had never been taught about anything important when growing up. The poor boy doesn't know much information on anything, he will always take a guess on how he should answer and or react. Very positive and tries to stay to himself due to him being shy. Never would he think of making anyone mad or upset. When sensing one is upset he will either stay quiet and to himself to actually trying to comfort them with a hug. Sasuke is easily scared of loud noises being both fireworks, gun shots, lightning, and other things related to it as well as a hard and loud slam on a desk or door. Light at sleeping, just about anything will wake him. Though, sometimes he will try to pretend to sleep longer. Brotherly to some, and being looked at as a weakling to other's. It really puts stress on him. He does have a rebellious side however, and if someone is picked on he will most likely try to get the bullies or attackers on him so that the other can escape. Sasuke is a careful boy and when one is sleeping he will try to be considerate of that person and stay quiet so he doesn't disturb the other from sleeping.

When he is serious though, he may change his personality very quickly though he can be reckless when provoked. Reacting to the action and not his mind, he really isn't a thinker in tight situations and sometimes he may face things that he can not handle because of it. Wanting to be there for other's it is really hard for him to find someone to be there for him. Does this make the boy submissive, most definately. Though, he can and mostly likely will put up a fight if he is taken advantage of both when he is attacked to being amubushed by other's. Sasuke is oftenly looked at as a coward for sometimes he will flee but if he can't then he will take the beatings. When he does take them on he will of course attack only then to get himself hurt more. Sasuke is easy to make sad, and some harsh words may do more harm to him. The boy will also not know when he is being looked at in a attractive way and will be scared of the later on actions of both being kissed to being touched in a touchy way that couples do. Ironic really, for the young one tries to cling to other's in that sense of desperation and wanting of love though he doesn't know the term of what 'love' means. Nor does he know what 'like' means as well. Sasuke is hard to make mad, but when he does become mad he will be a entirely different Sasuke. Being mean almost brat like, and trying to push over everyone in sight. All this is, is a anger fit that a child of 5 to 6 may come to have. Other than this, Sasuke will always be smiling and trying to find someone to look at him differently, though he doesn't know what this differently means. As Sasuke grows, so to will his personality as well as his growth both in height as well as heart and mind.

HABITS: Sasuke may come to cling to someone's shirt sleeve or hand. Acting like a rebellious brat sometimes, only when someone is trying to get him to do something and he will not do it. Also, the poor boy is clueless and this is a habit which he may come to grow out of.
◇ Sasuke is known to be a expert chef, meaning he cooks alot. This is a hobby of his that he can not seem to break himself out of.
◇ The boy is skilled in both speed and stamina, which allows him to keep going as well as standing up after a beating.
◇ Good at hiding/ keeping silent while hiding.
◇ Sasuke is a left handed boy, he can pretty much do everything with his left hand more than his right.

◇ Fish and Chicken meals.
◇ Clinging onto other's.
◇ Being rebellious as well as being a nagger.
◇ Cooking as well as making things with his hands. Has been known to make a flower crown every summer. The custom for this is, if he makes you one this is his way of him expressing/ proposing his feelings to you though he knows little about feelings, love, and everything else personal like that.

◇ Loud noises. Hard slams of any kind, fireworks, gun shots, and lightning. Anything that makes a loud sound he will not like and mostly likely hide.
◇ Those who are looked at as bullies, prankers, abusers, etc. Will run away and hide though sometimes he will take them on to protect someone else.
◇ Raw foods. It has to be cooked or else he will not eat it.
◇ Sasuke has a weak heart, does not like the sight of blood or anything that is gore.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Iron Fists. Sasuke's tattoo's on both of his hands make his hands as hard as steel or iron. When he punches he can pretty much make a hole in the wall that is made of complete brick or steel. Though, he only uses these to block attacks such as punches or kicks. Only when mad will he throw punches.

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Down below does the spoiler show who Sasuke looks like as well as his guardian who is his brother named Zen and another male with red hair who loves playing a instrument known as Cam.

Cam and Zen's relationship, from this you can tell.

Sasuke's and Zen's parents died when the young one was only 8 month's old. The cause of death is unknown, Zen knows but never does he tell Sasuke about it.
SIBLINGS: Zen, 25 years of age. Zen usually keeps to himself though keeps a eye on Sasuke and appears every now and again.
HOMETOWN: Not much is known where Sasuke and Zen were born at though some clues show that they were born in Ireland.
BIRTH-DATE: Sasuke was born on March 20th.
Waves were heard from far and wide, two parents who were neko's traveled the lands of ireland with a young neko boy who was already walking and talking. In the arm's of the female neko was a bundle containing a young baby neko child. The family of four was happy to travel and explore the grand views of ireland. Not much is known about why they were traveling, they were just doing it. Laughter of the family became desperate cries of pain and fright. Zen the young neko boy stood in complete horror as he had just saw his parents killed before his eyes for no apparent reason. People in ireland didn't like the weird looks of the neko's and so they got rid of them. Zen held his little baby brother who was crying in his arm's and glaring at the residents of ireland did he actually try to protect the 8 month old sibling. Losing did he come to pass out dropping his sibling who was still crying with faint blood stains on his baby blankets. Fear was evident in the babies cries. Night had fallen and Zen had come to in a small hut which held a elderly women and a red haired neko boy about Zen's age. As time went by, did Zen come to be close to the red headed neko boy of the woman. Sasuke was also cared for by the women so all was good. Being orphans now, Zen had to think for their own well being and their life. A while passed by and the elderly women had come to pass breaking the heart of the red headed neko. Zen was only a teenager being the same age as the red haired neko who was named Cam. Cam and Zen had to then think of what else they could do to protect Sasuke who was only 5 years of age. Being 8 years older than Sasuke, Zen had to be the adult now since now they were on their own.

Time passed by pretty quickly and before anyone knew it, Sasuke turned 14 years of age. Zen wasn't surprised, if anything he was glad that Sasuke was now a teenager though their customs were different. Sasuke was still considered young and will be that way until he had come to run 20. Cam was near Zen's age and if anything both of them have come to be close. Zen and Cam are looked at as a couple, though Sasuke sees them as just really close friends. Not much is known on the relationship of both Zen and Cam. Though the both of Zen and Cam have taken over being Sasuke's guardian's. "Uh, brother?" asked a shy Sasuke with his ear's down. "What?" Zen was watching Cam who was trying to sort out his instrument. "Some of the other kids called me well clueless..." Zen glanced to Sasuke who was looking down showing how hurt he was. "Don't let their words get to you." said Zen who showed his distrust to the kids that had spoken such things to his younger sibling. Sasuke blinked and he looked down with both hands infront of his knees. Though standing, he still had bended over to look completely submissive. Zen wanted to snap at his younger brother but held back. Zen wasn't going to tell his younger sibling anything, people were just to mean anymore. "Why don't you and Cam go make something to eat?" suggested a sort of irritated Zen. Sasuke closed his eyes but nodded walking over to Cam who blinked and smiled up to Sasuke. Thing were pretty normal now, they have come to move out of Ireland and now live in Italy. Living in a rented apartment room, things were pretty easy though Zen knew that everything can not be easy for long. Sasuke smiled finishing his chicken salad earning a warming smile from Cam who patted the young ones head. Zen smirked some seeing his sibling happy. That smirk however went away, never would Zen trust anyone but his younger sibling and Cam.

Things progressed as normal as the days became month's now turning 25 did Zen come to make Cam and Sasuke move out of Italy and come to a new location for the time being. Miyagi Prefecture was the next place that Zen had come to want to come too. Cam was all for it, Sasuke was alright with the move so they moved. Zen stopped and looked back to Cam who smiled warmly to the 6'1 sibling of Sasuke, did Zen smile back. Sasuke noticed the smiling and he laughed a little with his eyes closed. "Happy are we!" Zen blinked and his face went blank looking to his sibling did he respond. "Yes." Cam blinked and chuckled before taking Sasuke's hand and leading him onward making the young one blink and smile following willingly. Zen didn't say anything as they continued onward. They continued to travel to Miyagi Prefecture but as always obstacles were in the way. Zen stopped and noticed something was wrong up ahead. Cam blinked and hid behind Zen, but not Sasuke. Zen gasped noticing his younger brother run up ahead. "Wait!" Zen chased after his brother. Sasuke gasped and was about to be hit by a large bear paw, but Zen came in time wounding the animal making it retreat. Sasuke fell backwards holding his chest with a scared look on his face. That face remained when Zen pulled him roughly up by the arm. "When Cam and I stop. You stop got it!" Sasuke's ears lowered and he closed his eyes whimpering. "S-Sorry!" Zen kept his tight grip on his sibling's wrist still very much upset with him. Cam noticed and came running up. "Hey he didn't know! If you haven't noticed he still is learning!" Zen eased his hold and let his brother go.

Cam looked to Sasuke who softly hugged himself close to crying. Cam felt bad and hugged Sasuke softly. Zen on the other hand remained standing and watched the both of them silently. Ever since their childhood, Zen had come to be majorly protective over his little brother. Though, sometimes Sasuke's recklesss nature would always get to him making him upset and or angry. Continuing in their traveling did Zen feel a hand on his arm. Zen stopped looking back to his little sibling who was shivering. "Please don't hate me! I-I..." Zen's expression became pained and he brought his brother in a hug making the other sibling gasp. Cam watched quite surprised by this action. "Mad! You imbecile! You are the last one I would ever come to hate!" Sasuke whimpered silently and hugged back with his own ears down. Cam watched and couldn't help but smile and hug the both of them. This weird family of three was going to make this move work. Entering into Miyagi Prefecture, did the family of three began to settle in. Sasuke now on his own to explore his new surrondings, though Zen would never leave his brother alone for long always watching him from the trees did they settle in just fine.

After sometime, did Cam and Zen come to be closer confusing Sasuke. The young one would always seen them together which brought questions into his head. Being 17, never was he taught about it and neither did his brother ever tell him about it. Did the young one find it weird, no. Though, he did find it very confusing. As the three of them began to settle in did Zen pick on his younger brother but meant it in a good way though Sasuke sort of was scared of his brother's playfulness. Zen is still protective over his brother, and Cam still loves him very much and tries to be there for whatever questions he has. Sasuke wants to know what happened in his youthful day and still Zen does not tell him. Learning to fight from Zen and learning to cook from Cam. The young one is ready for just about anything though he is still confused about everyday things. Would Zen allow Sasuke to be with someone else, probably not. This is where sometimes the brother's would come to butt heads, and sometimes their fights get a little rough but usally Cam comes in to split it up each time. Many people can still see that Zen still cares for Sasuke even though he shows a rough side every single time.
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PostSubject: Re: Afet, Sasuke   Sun 11 Mar 2012, 1:52 am

This is just fantastic. I am very impressed. We must roleplay sometime.

You make me do crazy things.

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I miss hearing you sing
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Afet, Sasuke
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