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 Blackwood, Lorian

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PostSubject: Blackwood, Lorian   Tue 13 Dec 2011, 3:44 am

Lorian BlackWood

“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: WereWolf
AGE: 19
GENDER: male
NICKNAME(S): L , Lor, Lazy one, White Wolf
OCCUPATION: uummm clothing store for now.

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
HAIR STYLE: short and spiky comes down to the lower neck
SKIN TONE: kinda pale
MARKINGS: numerous ear piercings

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
Lazy, laid back and most times without a care in the world. Lor may look like a badass, but he often avoids trouble and problems that involve of the said following, screaming, nagging, hitting, fighting, gangs, and vampires. He is the complete opposite of what most of his race is personality wise. But he gets bored easily needing to always find something to do to keep him occupied. He likes dangerous activities such as sky diving and other things of the sort, it keeps his blood pumping with excitement. Which comes in conflict that he likes avoiding violence, sometimes because of his thirst for adrenaline it leads to violent outcomes. He always has to find and try the next big thing to do and is not often seen doing the same thing twice. Lor is a nice person and only involves himself in violence when a someone is about to be hurt. He doesnt like taking the leader position, mostly liking to stay in the back unnoticed and not bothered. Lorian has a strange thirst for knowledge making him a avid reader. He is quite sarcastic and sometimes witty making people look foolish and dumb when he gives back smart ass responses which provokes the fights he likes to avoid.

HABITS: Reading, and doing dangerous activities

◇pissing people off
◇playing guitar
◇Martial Arts

◇Dangerous Activities
◇card games

◇talkative people

SPECIAL ABILITY: Dead Eye- grants him tremendously accurate vision and the ability to read and predict practically any move his opponent could make as well as the minute details and movements of his general surroundings.

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Maria Blackwood and James Blackwood
SIBLINGS: none by blood but he considers his old friends brothers and sisters
BIRTH-DATE: March 3rd
HISTORY: Lorian was born in New York City but instead of a hospital he was born into a werewolf family already. Making him a pure blood werewolf, with his fate already decided. Lorian was born to lead the pack after his father's time was done. It was Blackwood tradition for the son to take over eventually when the coming of age. Lorian was growing up as the "perfect son" smart, strong, natural leader by the age of ten he was already starting to learn to turn his father was proud. Lor attended regular school by his mother's wishes, and was starting to quite like his calm side. Being fond of making friends and even doing homework and going to school. His father felt this was a distraction a alpha wolf does not need school according to him. But despite his views Lorian still attended daily. He started doing alot more activities like tae kwon do classes along with guitar lessons, he was completely neglecting his inner beast.

When Lorian turned 13 the time came for his first transformation it was a important gathering that would have all the family members come from a afar. His father proud and awaiting this day for a long time, the only thing that was not ready was Lorian. He was out with a girl he met from school for his birthday forgetting about the whole family gathering and his transformation. His father was furious as the hours went by and Lor had not returned from school. The family left leaving James utterly disapointed and in shame.

When Lorian finally came home it was all over his father displeased, he brang him outside for a walk. Lorain looked shocked and felt bad wanting to make it up but his father didnt want to hear anything. According to him Lorian was done with school and all those things. James took a sniff in the air and smelt the filth of humans and their machines near by. James turned instantly wanting to protect his son, the human revealed himself with a wide grin. Lorian scared and feeling helpless was knocked to the side easily when trying to fight, he couldnt turn yet. A swift strike from the machine and Lor was knocked out leaving James alone. He tried to fight his hardest against the two but his efforts were in vain. James a slain that night protecting his son.

Lorian awoke a few hours later a deep chill came over his back. He saw his father there motionless and the human was gone without a trace. Lorian nudged his father back and forth but already knew his answer, with a loud howl he finally turned into his werewolf form.

After that night Lorian left without saying a word, people believed him to have died. Lorian went to Miyagi Prefecture and has stayed here for the past five years.

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Quotes © The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

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PostSubject: Re: Blackwood, Lorian   Tue 13 Dec 2011, 4:20 pm

This is really good ^^! Love how one of your talents is pissing people off XDD

There is no glory in battle

Worth the blood it costs.

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Blackwood, Lorian
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