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PostSubject: Rinka, Sukiyomi   Rinka, Sukiyomi I_icon_minitimeTue 01 Feb 2011, 2:18 pm

Rinka, Sukiyomi IihEe

Rinka, Sukiyomi 3a4f7410
Sukiyomi Natai Rinka

“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: Werewolf
AGE: Twenty Six
GENDER: Female
NICKNAME(S): Suki, Pup
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Demisexual and Panromantic
OCCUPATION: Owner of Suki's Anime Shop, Medic in the war for the Races

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: Changes with emotions

    Red: mad Orange: scared or confused Yellow: jealous or embarrassed Green: natural color Sky Blue: happy Blue: sad Purple: playfulness Pink: love Brown: worried or nervous Black: not showing emotions

HAIR COLOR: A natural dark brown, but sometimes she dyes it.
HAIR STYLE: She usually has it up in a braid, a couple of braids, or in a ponytail. On rare occasions, she cuts it and every once and a while will dye it red.
SKIN TONE: Caucasian; pale with a light blush on her cheeks usually.
HEIGHT: 4'11"
WEIGHT: 115 lbs (mostly muscle mass)
MARKINGS: She has a heart tattoo on her lower back that has vines coming out of it, most of them crawling up her back to her left shoulder that glows in the dark. She also has four piercings on her right ear and three on her left. She has a long scar on her right arm from her elbow to her wrist and another in the middle of her forehead, covered by her bangs.

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
PERSONALITY: She is shy around people she doesn't know well and usually depends on her close friends to help her get to know more people, though she's been known to be more herself around she doesn't know if she feels their energy is good. She is very outgoing and hyper around her friends and can sometimes get upset very easily. For the most part, she is very gentle, formal, but talks very much. She can also be a big perfectionist and over-demanding at times which can make her seem annoying.
HABITS: Stutters, mumbles, doesn't look people in the eyes, easily scared, bites nails
◇ Photography
◇ Painting
◇ Writing
◇ Healing

◇ Nature
◇ Animals
◇ Quiet places
◇ Reading
◇ Rainbows
◇ Anything art related
◇ Warm places
◇ Being with friends

◇ Yelling
◇ Being picked on
◇ Being alone
◇ Know it alls
◇ Crying
◇ The dark
◇ Cold weather

SPECIAL ABILITY: Can sense emotions and energy of other people. Along with sense, she can manipulate them if she wishes. This helps her to be able to know what people are saying if they speak in another language and even help heal others.

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Leo Rinka and Sana Kokugawa
SIBLINGS: Mio Kokugawa
HOMETOWN: Ashton Town, England
BIRTH-DATE: January 4th, 1991
HISTORY: Sukiyomi was born into a family of three; her mom and dad and her sister who was two years older, Mio. Just like her sister, she was a quiet baby and easy-going, though she had random outbursts of crying fits every now and again. She loved to be around her sister, she was her protector to her and she knew it. Her first 10 years of life in Ashton Town, England were simple and easy going. She played with Mio all the time in their small town and went to an all-girls school with her sister. She was often picked on in school for being quite different than the rest of the girls, but her sister was always there to stand up for her. Until a little after Suki turned 10 years old.

That was when her parents had gotten into such a big fight that it ended in divorce. Being so young, she didn't understand anything that was going on, she just knew she didn't like seeing her parents fighting. One night after the papers had been filed and everything was done, she sat on Mio's bed watching her pack, asking her questions. She never got any answers until Mio had left. The next morning she watched her mother and Mio leave the house for the last time. When she asked her dad when they were coming back he told her they couldn't and cried for them to come back to her. Of course, they never did.

For the next two years, Suki got bullied more and more often since her sister was no longer there to tell the mean girls off.  When she was 12 her bullies went too far and shoved her around the campus when she was on her way home after a long after school event. It was already dark out and the girls had a perfect advantage to mess with Suki, only 4'6" at the time of her 7th-grade year. She ended up with a long scar on her right arm, stretching from her wrist to her elbow and a small scar in the middle of her forehead from falling. It didn't take long for her dad to pull her out and home school her after that.

Being scarred from the experience at 12 years old, Suki became afraid of the dark more than she had been when she was younger.  At only 15 years old she got a tattoo on her lower back of a heart that had vines coming out of it and mostly crawling up to her left shoulder to represent her sister. The tattoo had a little bit of ink to it that glowed in the dark, making her feel a little bit better about the dark, though it has faded a bit over the years.

At 16, Suki was tired of still being picked on in her town even though she had been homeschooled now. She had learned about a place called Miyagi Prefecture, a Refuge for the Races of the world to get away from the Humans of the world that didn't like the Races, like some of the people in Ashton Town. She tried to convince her dad to move there, but he found nothing wrong with where they were. He could apparently hide that he was a werewolf far better than Suki could. That's when she realized why Mio had gone with her mother and not the other way around. They were Eternals and they could live longer than the werewolves. Even between the Races, there was anger, especially when it came to her mother.

Even though Suki wasn't technically old enough to live on her own and couldn't seem to convince her dad to go with her, she did convince him to let her go alone and live there since it was a Refuge with a force field to protect everyone in it.

Soon after Suki moved to Miyagi she was at one of the restaurants in town when a girl with black hair looking a lot like the way she remembered her sister came up to her. By great luck, it was her sister and they had finally found each other again. They sat down and talked for a long while and Suki found out that Mio had joined the Organization, the people that protected the refuge of Miyagi Prefecture; though it turned out they weren't as great as she thought they were. She asked Mio to move in with her and she agreed happily. Her happy reunion didn't stop the madness of her life though.

Suki started an Anime shop in the Chou Market and meet an old friend she knew from Ashton Town. He was in an enemy Organization to Mio's, so they weren't very friendly to each other at first, but they soon became friends once Suki fell in love with the man. His name was Ashton Higashi. One drunk night together ended them up with a half breed child, a Vampire/Werewolf mix named Nate. Being both Vampire and Werewolf made him quickly grow, which was for the better in the outrun of it all.

About a year into their happy little family, Suki's son fell ill and her husband was pulled away to the war that had begun against the Humans who were now invading their Refuge. Her son died from the illness and her husband was killed in the war. This sent Suki into a deep depression that not even Mio could get her out of, especially since she was home so little because of the Organization. Suki began to drink a lot. Her best friend in Miyagi, Sakuda, became very worried about her. They barely saw each other anymore because Suki would lock herself up doing business work and drink herself numb.

About a year after her depression hit she meet a Doctor named Aozora. She quickly took a liking to him and he helped to start to pull her out of her depression. He went away for about a month and she almost went completely back into depression. When he came back he was only back for a few months until he disappeared again and hasn't come back since. Since he has been gone she has slipped back into her depression, though it's no longer as bad since Mio is no longer in the Organization and can help her out.

Recently Suki has become friends with Absinthe and Blue Curacao Muna. They don't seem like people she would be friends with, but then again, most of her friends don't. They're crazy ravers and Absinthe owns her own club that Suki has visited a few times. Mio's mentor, also her boyfriend, Fubuki, has come in to play as well and Suki has gotten better and better with dealing with her depression. She's even got her eyes on a new guy, Absinthe and Blue's older brother, Amaretto. It's time for her to be slow on things and just enjoy life and finally act her age.

With the war happening currently she has taken it upon herself to become a medic for the Races side. After everything she has been through, she feels the need to give back to the universe. Her healing powers are helpful in a war like this and she only wishes she could have saved so many other people, including her husband and son. Since she is meeting new people because of the war, maybe she can even grow her werewolf pack since at the moment it's only her, Sakuda, and Lily. Only time will tell for everything. Right now it is time to defend her home and hopes it all goes for the best.

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I miss hearing you sing

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PostSubject: Re: Rinka, Sukiyomi   Rinka, Sukiyomi I_icon_minitimeTue 01 Feb 2011, 2:34 pm

Rinka, Sukiyomi Lunch_by_shilin-d3dfmz9-1

There is no glory in battle

Rinka, Sukiyomi Jjijo_zps5560dc21

Worth the blood it costs.

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