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Viola Fleur DuAva
Humans Leader

Posts : 475

PostSubject: Re: minami-machi   Sun 17 Aug 2014, 1:59 pm

As Viola felt her arms free up she blinked and looked towards the cuffed hands before looking up once more to see Kyuzo, his words actually causing her to flinch slightly. "Heh. Aren't you supposed to give the pep talks to your own soldiers, not the leader of the opposite side?" She shifted slightly so that she faced the eternal male entirely. "You went into the alleyway, I followed, it was a trap. You had the gun, I had nothing. Sounds to me like you caught me fair and square. Just because I'm captured doesn't mean I'm done fighting." Viola was silent a moment before speaking up once more, "I think the real question is...What kind of fool do you take me for? Like I'd let you catch me and then just sit and wallow. It'd be interesting to see what you would do with me, right? I'd love to see you try to make me talk." The human shrugged her shoulders slightly.

A blue gaze met Kyuzo's intensely for a moment. "We're both the bad guy. You're a hero, fighting for your people, and I'm the enemy of your people. The villain who tortures and experiments on them. I'm a hero, fighting for my people, and you're the enemy of mine. The big scary creatures that lurk in the dark and are unknown. Of course one of us is worse, and I think we both know that's me. I won't deny it, but the other question is...Which of us is the bigger hero? Who's willing to do more for the good of their own people...Who can follow orders better? Back down now, and I guess we'll know that's me as well." A slight frown crossed her features. "I wasn't going to fight since it's my daughter's birthday, but if it makes you feel better about your actions..."
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Kyuzo Mamoru
Races Leader

Male Sagittarius Horse
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PostSubject: Re: minami-machi   Sun 17 Aug 2014, 2:09 pm

Kyuzo glared as he looked right at Viola. "Whatever you say I am nothing like you nor do I want to be like you. Enemy facing hero, hero facing enemy it will never end!" he said this with so much negative emotion as his dusk eyes shook with so much rage and so much regret. This whole time he was planning and reading to end this for he and his people but now his mind was clear was it harder to tell who was right and who was wrong. Everything was wrong and he did not like it. Whatever happened to him made it clear that nothing was going to be done about this situation. Long before the war he was just a simple man who loved people and was sensitive and then the world crashed upon him making him break mentally and physically. Kyuzo was enraged by nothing but himself and his stupid weaknesses. "I am doing nothing for my people nor for myself anymore..." Kyuzo undid Viola's binds as he walked off with his head low.

"Whatever happens will happen. Things happen for a reason even when you do not want it too. I just want to live for the person I care most for and that is, Mori-kun. This isn't fair to me or anyone to take you as you are. The real fight will happen when it happens and if I were to die then so be it..." Kyuzo stormed off before breaking into a full on run away from Viola. Things were not clear to himself anymore. Whatever he became he surely didn't want to be anymore.



Dono kurai anata ga matte iru? {How long have you waited?}


To many rabbits is a problem Sadako-Mei.
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Viola Fleur DuAva
Humans Leader

Female Taurus Pig
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PostSubject: Re: minami-machi   Sun 17 Aug 2014, 2:16 pm

"Oh, I think you're more like me than you'd like to admit, Kyuzo. It's just that I'm ruthless, and I get results. You wave guns around in threat, too much like a scared child to actually use it! Guns are a coward's tool. They're so quick to cause damage that the person on the wrong end of it has nothing to do about it, but the one on the other end...Is usually too scared to pull the trigger. Hell...You can't even bring me in for questioning. You're the worst a leader can be." Viola made no grabs for the man as he removed her binds, but she did glare slightly. A weak leader...what a farce. The races were no threat at all if they employed such a man, but that didn't change the fact that she had her orders.

"My orders are clear, Kyuzo! I'll give you this chance to run now, but the next time we encounter...It's either you as the prisoner or dead, or the other way around. I'm done playing around." The woman glared slightly after the man before shaking her head disappointedly and going to find her phone. Just as she did a call came through and she flipped it open. "Yes..." She walked off towards the compound where she had been going before.
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PostSubject: Re: minami-machi   

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