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 Rules (MUST READ)

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Races Medic

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PostSubject: Rules (MUST READ)   Mon 12 Apr 2010, 2:25 am

1.) Administrators and Moderators are humans too. If you send a PM for an update on something it is not a demand! Give some respect please!
2.) NO GOD MOD we are NOT afraid to ban!
3.) Keep the content PG 13, usually. I don't mind if you do more things as long as its in the apartments and its not very often.
4.) Please make your OWN character, and don't be someone off an anime.
EX. Naruto, Ichigo, Inuyasha, etc
You CAN use the characters picture though.
5.) You are NOT allowed to have more than one person on your account! No siblings, friends, or anything that goes along with your character. Those characters MUST have a separate account by you or someone else. The ONLY exception is if it is your child that is a baby or at a young age can not talk yet. Once they can talk they must have their own account, unless you talk to Sukiyomi otherwise about it or they are only around every now and then in your rps. But again, they MUST be your child, nothing else is allowed.
6.) You are allowed to have THREE accounts! You MUST tell Sukiyomi first though!
7.) Site adverstising is allowed, but you have to have at least 50 posts before you advertise. And no advertising in your signature! (other forums that is. deviantart, photobucket, etc is fine)
8.) Please make your character creation before rping. You will be allowed to rp after you're approved. You can post in the OOC though.
9.) You may NOT make your own topics! (OOC is an exception) There are plenty of places for you to rp! Take a look around. If you have an idea for a place, go to the suggestions topic or PM Sukiyomi
10.) Don't post in a topic unless the last people have left or they have not posted for 48 hours. And if you're not exactly sure if someone has been able to get on and a rp is still going on, PM one of them, don't be rude.
11.) Make sure you have a picture of your character in your profile picture or signature (or both)! We need to know what your character looks like!

If you don't like my rules, please don't complain. These are the rules of another site, and I really doubt you want my rules to turn into them


You make me do crazy things.

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