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 Hunt, Peeta

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PostSubject: Hunt, Peeta   Wed 09 Jul 2014, 4:34 pm



“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: Werewolves
AGE:  Twenty two in appearance, Peeta really lost count after spending too many years alone.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: He was Hetrosexual along time ago, yet when he entered the wilderness he stopped caring it was ether kill or be killed, his mind wasn't really on mating after loosing his own mate-- But that doesn't mean he's asexual ether, it's a new era for him time to see what he could hunt down whenever it's male or female, he doesn't care, cause they will be his mate.

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: Peeta's Human form has Gray shade of eyes with flecks of blue. His Natural Form is a Manitoba Wolf with Grayish-yellow eyes.

HAIR COLOR:  Most of the time his hair/fur looks Black with dark brown flecks in it (which you can hardly see unless you known they are there or in his natural wolf form)
HAIR STYLE: To put it simple, it's clean, but a mess.
SKIN TONE: White yet with a tint of a tan due to spending majority of his time outside.
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 140-147 lbs and thats muscle included.
MARKINGS: Peeta has a beard which funny enough only grows to one length and stays at it, like longer then stubble but not a full blown beard. Around his eyes are natural dark thin rings, which is part of his marking from his wolf form, since he darker around his eyes then the rest of his four legged form. He has also got a small scare above his right eyebrow, it happened to be over a century old, it's fully healed just left a indent too. Since Peeta has been near civil population for a good number of years/centuries he only has the clothes that he has vanished into the wilderness with. Which is his leather jacket which he never does up, black loose fitted shirt on top of fit is a nice fitted waistcoat and the best to last, Leather trousers along with matching boots too. Sort of giving off an pirate appeal (Just think of jillian jones from oust)

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
PERSONALITY: He's a gentleman at heart, always has been and no doubt will be time the end of his time, roaming the planet. Peeta beings the age he does have a lot of sadness within him too (Which will be explained in his past) He's quiet laid back and jokes around too. Rarely rarely shouts at anyone, unless it's to get there attention or out of anger, which mostly brings out his old English-Irish accent comes out strongly or deep growls. Otherwise he easy to get along with and a all rounder, a charmer too.

HABITS: Tends to rub the back of his head or his stubble/Beard then he thinking and sometimes paces when he does it too. Grins while he getting told off / shouted at, which normally results leading the situation towards hitting or more shouting or he'll just walk off.
◇ Charming Smiiles.
◇ Can hold his liquor
◇ Running / Jumping. 

◇ Running / Swimming
◇ Rum
◇ Sailing and the smell of the sea.
◇ Cheese / Milk
◇ Secretly enjoys laying about in the sun... Sun bathing in his natural form.(Wolf)

◇ Fish, he just doesn't like eating them in general. Like how does a wolf eat scales and all! They wriggle around to much and when they do finally die, he tends to find them looking stupid with there mouths gapped open and died eyes.. He would rather go hungry when eat a fish.
◇ People treating wolves like common mutts. As in some random expects then to play catch.
◇ People Complaining about things to him, it tends to result him walking off or falling asleep or just lose focus on what the person is saying.
◇ Reading, he can't stand it. He rather have someone read it to him when reading it himself.
◇ Loosing people close to him.


“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Georgina Hunt and Richard O'Neil 

SIBLINGS: A twin sister, Angelica, but she is decreased.
HOMETOWN: Along time ago it was London.
BIRTH-DATE: 20 April 
HISTORY: Peeta Hunt was born with his twin sister, Angelica, out of wed lock. Georgina Hunt was there mother, she was a werewolf and commoner yet mistress to their father Richard O'Neil who of course was human who already married for thirty years with his wife and had four children of his own. Wanting no more children he abandoned Georgina with her two new babes. For years Georgina raised the children on the outskirts of the near by forest in London, hidden away from the world of work and into the world of survival. Both Pups grow up happy, with there natural ability to shift from human to pups easily. They brought there mother great to years of joy that was until the younger twin of her pups caught a virus from a decaying animal. Georgina was bedridden only a month and sadly passed away at the only tender age of Eight.
They laid her to rest underneath the tree where she would of sat enjoy soaking in the sun rays.
The years along it was hard for Peeta, loosing his best friend and twin, he started to work down in the closet docks near his forest to help his mother, who was still grieving for her little pup. Loosing her beauty as she grieved heavily over the death. That was until the unexpected visitor came knocking on there door. Peeta had woken up early that day it was his name day(Birthday) after all. He was no longer a scrawny pup, he was Fifteen, lean and had muscle from his days down at the docks, his shaggy hair falling into his eyes as the gently touches a charcoal picture of his twin that hung up on the wall and smiled softly quietly, wishing her a happy birthday too. His mother when came strolling out for the stair way. Then the thud on the door came. It was him.. A fat man, who looked weathered with age and ate too many pies in his life. This man, was indeed his father. He wanted his mother back, but not as his mistress but as his wife. Peeta's mother cried for joy. Which made Peeta furious he felt the hair on the back of his neck rise (In his human form), this man who had abandoned him, his mother and his sister, now wanted his mother to be his wife after fifteen years, all because his former wife was dead. Yet the gentle words of what his mother had said to him remind him, that it was true.
"Wolves only mate once and for life."
Yet being the alpha of his very small household, he said no to his mother he has to beg for her to get her back. And so the fat old man did.. fell to his knees and literally cried the dirt of Peeta's no existent shoes clean. After that he expected the offer for his mother marry her mate. Yet he didn't stick around for long after the wedding he vanished, changing back into his wolf form that he hadn't done since he lost his twin. Went off into the wild.
Seven Years had past since his mother's wedding, Four Years since his mother's death and his 'father's' too.
Peeta had been travelling far and wide, he learnt the trade a stealing, hunting, navigating, blending in with your backgrounds and some pirating. He Finally found himself in Rain Forest Trees that look like they were caressing the heavens above him, Water flow was pure and clean a nice small cave which was big enough for two of him easily, plenty of food supply too. This was his home, contempt with life. That was until a stranger came to his cave, easily bounding when down snarling in there face, revealing his long sharp white fangs that could do deadly damage to what laid underneath his large paws. But to his surprise it was a whimper that he was greeted with, he blinked and stared down at the female trapped underneath him. 
"Wolves only mate once and for life."
He was absorbed into the honey golden eyes he didn't notice the swipe of the sharp claws coming at his face till the last minute, the female narrowly missed his noes but got his chin as he moved his head.
He growled and dug his claws into the female wolf below him, snapping his teeth at the females noes, which in result the stranger gave a sharp yelp. Peeta took his heavy paws of the Cream furred female, who scrambled to get up then changed into her petite Blonde women. Holding her noes, she stared at the male wolf with wide eyes, when she started to laugh. Peeta stood there at first growling still, then resulted in confusion and within that he shifted back into his human form. Yet he couldn't help but laugh with her.
"Wolves only mate once and for life."
Just like his mother said, he had found her. His mate, His noes gently nuzzles the soft coated bloated looking female next to him happily. Golden coat laid into the dark black coat, which when got a soft approving growl, so he continued to groom his mate gently, as she bask in the moonlight with him and there pup(s) which lied in her belly too. His is what he loves showing his mate that he cared and was with her till the end, even if her hormone were a roller coaster and he kept walking every time she shouted at him. Yet he came back with a rabbit between his jaws or a bunch of flowers in his hand and a wide charming smile, she would cry and then forgive him and go back to basking in each other's company.
"Wolves only mate once and for life."
Peeta was a mess he didn't know what to do, it's not like he was a doctor or a vet or a female, Crescent, was giving birth and he was panicking, sure they were at home in the cave, but he didn't have a clue what to do when she was pushing the baby out(in her human form), so he kept fussing over her, till in the end she screamed at him, in her own words. ''Piss the fuck off, before i rip your head off and eat raw for Dinner!!'' of course he was stunned but out of the cave before she could catch her breath after shouting at him. He was a mess, pacing quickly up and down and running his hand through his hair and beard over and over again. He felt like he was out there for hours, but in reality it was only five maybe ten minutes until you heard a cry.

It wasn't a baby cry at all..

Peeta darted into the cave, his eyes instantly adjusting to the darkness, in front of him was Crescent crying, holding the naked, bloody babe in her arms.. She was rocking herself while muttering his own name in a chant. Peeta darted to sit next to her on the once clean mat now caked into blood.  He didn't care his hands were covered in blood as he touched the matt then reached out with his tanned hands and tilted her face to look at him. His heart broke, tears came to his own eyes and pulled her to him her head on his chest as he looked down at the naked babe..  He knew before he could do anything the babe didn't survive. It was a still birth. He placed his free hand on the babes head, which was still in Crescent's arms into there hug. He clenched his eyes shut and kissed his mates forehead hard as his tears sweep out from his closed eyelids. 
"Wolves only mate once and for life."
They stayed in that position for awhile until he heard Crescent gasped sharply. His eyes instantly opened and darted around the cave to search for a source of an intruder but he found none, he looked down at his blonde mate and found her touching the mat by her inner thigh her hand was covered in fresh blood..
"No-no-no" Peeta chanted looking at Crescent and shook his head madly, Crescent had warned him about this. The risk of not giving birth in the hospital and not having help, He told her they need someone, but the damn female was too stubborn and now they were both paying for the price. He was loosing her too. "Please.. Please, don't leave me too.." He wishers gently into her ear. Rocking the three of them together any one from far away would thought it might of been a happy hug but it wasn't. The pup had passed before it could breath and his mate slowly loosing the grip on this world too.
Crescent smiled sweetly though he tears and kissed him gently. "I'll look after our Angelica, till you come and join us" She showed him her radiant, cheeky, smile, the one that would normally end up him chasing her in the forest while laughing at him saying he'll never catch her. But this time, he wouldn't be able to catch her. He tired giving her a charming smile back, but his heart wasn't in it, sadness clearly swept through the smile and desperation too. 
Sure enough that night a deep scaring howl erupted thought out the woods, as he realised his horrifying sorrow to the night sky.
"Wolves only mate once and for life."
That was when Peeta was 35 he lost so much in life, but gained a lot too. Now he was... well he lost count after he lost his world. Yet he went back to traveling. He tried his best to keep the sadness at bay. But the words that his mother said haunts him. He finally decide that he would come out of the wilderness after meeting a family of wolves with two boy pups. He became an uncle to them and started questions into his head. After so many years was Crescent really his TRUE Mate? If so was that the reason why there pup died? Yes he did love her, in fact apart of him still does. But it's been centuries now. He was ready to try and blend into the world again.. but he wasn't going to say goodbye to his leather fashion sense that was of sure,
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt, Peeta   Mon 14 Jul 2014, 12:10 am

Very nice! So glad for you to join the site with this awesome character!

You make me do crazy things.

"They meant a lot to you, didn't they?"
"They did, but everything happens for a reason."


I miss hearing you sing
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt, Peeta   Mon 14 Jul 2014, 3:40 am

Thanks! Can't wait to start! :D


Peeta Hunts
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt, Peeta   

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Hunt, Peeta
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