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Aella Ealasaid
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PostSubject: Ealasaid, Aella   Ealasaid, Aella I_icon_minitimeMon 20 Jan 2014, 7:39 pm

Ealasaid, Aella IihEe 

Ealasaid, Aella Difference-between-Mermaid-and-Siren-400x320_zps0c1e699a
Aella Adsila Ealasaid

“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: Half Breed (Human and fish)
AGE: 28 (20)
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: An attraction at the fair grounds.

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: Constantly Changing
HAIR COLOR: Constantly Changing
HAIR STYLE: Aella’s hair is always long, at least down to mid back, if not longer has long hair
SKIN TONE: Aella is a somewhat light cream color, but the scales on her tail are constantly changing color like her hair and eyes.
HEIGHT: Human: 5’4”. Mermaid: From head to tail 6’7”.
WEIGHT: Human: 129 pounds. Mermaid: 400 pounds from extra muscle in her tail.
MARKINGS:: In her human form Aella is somewhat thin, but due to her race she’s got some pretty good curves. This is only because mermaids by nature are supposed to be beautiful and sexually attractive.  Her body is covered in ocean related tattoos when she’s in human form, but some have said that they see no tattoos on their body; not that they mind since they dislike them.  There is one thing that remains constant about her other than her appeal to people, and that’s her skin tone and the smoothness of it. There are plenty of scars covering her body including scratches, cuts, and even bite marks from her one time of mating. These are hidden under the tattoos as well as in the open on her bare skin. To those who don't see the tattoos; all of the scars can be seen.

Even her mermaid form changes often. Both forms have constantly changing hair color, and even the scales on her tail are said to change color.  There has been much debate on this between scientists who have seen and studied her. Some say that it’s due to how she lures people to their deaths. Her appearance is constantly adapting to avoid being described and avoided. Others say that these color changes have to do with a mix of things together such as mood, temperature, and various water conditions. Even if Aella knows…She doesn’t speak up about it. Her tail does stay the same in the fact that it has webbing down the back of it like a long fin, and two fins on each side of her ‘belly’ just under where her tail melds with her skin.  At this area there are a few stray scales that taper off, making a more smooth transition to skin, rather than just stopping.

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
PERSONALITY: Some might think that compared to mermaids today Aella has a 'bad' personality. She's a somewhat twisted creature, not exactly evil, but not really god either. If someone were to characterize her it would probably be Chaotic Neutral. She's definitely vain, finding comfort in looking at and grooming herself. With this in mind she sometimes treats people like they're not as good as she is. She enjoys to lure people into the water to drown them, or sings to them to entrance them so they do her bidding. She can be somewhat cold and stuck up, but this is more from being treated as she had and keeping to herself.

When someone is able to get close enough to her or somehow causes her to be in debt to them, they might be able to get past this side of her personality. Once past that she can actually be shy, reserved, and distrusting. It takes her a while to become so she may trust someone, but when she does get to that then she can be your greatest ally.
HABITS: Brushing her fingers through her hair, and luring people into the water.

◇Luring people to their deaths

◇Extremely dry places like deserts
◇People who can resist her voice
◇Those who can resist her her looks
◇People who are hard of hearing

SPECIAL ABILITY: Siren's Song: Being so closely related to sirens; mermaids had once known and used the siren song as well as their looks to lure sailors and others to their deaths. While many mermaids no longer do such 'barbaric' things Aella and a few others still know how to use the Siren's Song. While the name suggests that it is a single song, it is really just the voice being used in any entrancing song. This can be used to lure people over to and into the water, or entrance them and get them to do the siren's or mermaid's bidding. There are of course ways around this. If the song can't be heard, then there's no way for it to work. There are also some people who are strong enough to resist the call, and many men and women who don't find other women attractive are able to resist the call as well, not finding it quite as alluring as the others do. There are the ones that have a weak will that still fall victim to the song.

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Aella had once been in a pod.
SIBLINGS: Unknown. It is possible that she does have some.
HOMETOWN: The ocean.
BIRTH-DATE: June 4th.
HISTORY: Aella was actually born into a pod of mermaids(and mermen). The adults shared responsibility of raising the children, but even still she was close to her parents. Her father had actually ended up being caught in a tsunami and died after being battered against some rocks. Her mother soon followed her father, having grown so depressed that the love of her life had died that she had stopped eating and sleeping, dying only a week after him. This left Aella to being raised by the rest of the pod.

While Aella had certainly been grateful for  their care, but she had always felt somewhat odd compared to the rest of the children. She never played with them, but rather often swam off on her own to do other things. That's really how she had learned about the mermaids that still knew and used the Siren's Song. She had been swimming and heard a beautiful voice that was coming from the surface. She swam up to see who was making the noise and found an older mermaid sitting on a rock. She told the other woman of her curiosity and interest in the song, and this mermaid took her on as an apprentice.

Soon Aella had picked up on the song, and the mermaid that taught her left her be. That made Aella to become an even more solitary woman. When she went off she'd often stay away for days at a time, finding a suitable place to sit on the rocks and sing, entrancing sailors and bringing them to their deaths. This was rather taboo in her pod, and that caused them to keep their distance and begin shunning her. They treated her fairly terrible, but even though they were so different...Everyone in the pod is required to mate at least once and reproduce, and so Aella was made to do so.

At the age of 20 Aella first went onto land. It wasn't an enjoyable visit for her though, as she had only gone up so that she could mate with a merman. It was a rather rough, and even somewhat violent process; leaving her with scars over her entire body. She didn't struggle, and so she didn't understand why it had been like this...Perhaps it was because the man was sadistic...Whatever the reason...It made her enjoy luring those sailors to their deaths even more.

9 months later Aella had her child. A beautiful baby girl...She loved that child very much. Aella never really let the child go. She held the baby girl constantly, always holding her close and cradling her. It was when the child was about 2 she realized that she should let this girl spend more time with the pod or they might begin to shun her as well. With the child finally being let from Aella's person the pod basically began to keep the girl away from her mother. This caused Aella to begin going to the surface and singing sailors to their death once more.

One day she saw a boat...She had seen the boat before and watched from a ways away. It was a boat full of researchers, and one in particular she found very interesting. The head marine biologist was a woman, and Aella found that she was rather attracted to this woman, and so she decided to get her attention. To do this she began to sing, entrancing at least the men on the boat. As they grew closer though, Aella thought she could depict the look on the woman's face, and it appeared she was just as entranced as the rest of her crew. When the boat came close and to a halt, Aella moved herself, grabbing onto the edge and lifting herself up so she hung carefully from the side.

As Aella came up, the woman leaned down, but to Aella's disbelief the woman changed her look to a somewhat sly smile as she stared at the mermaid. "Why is it that you've placed my men under your spell? Do you mean to kill us all?" The woman's voice had come to a surprise to the mermaid, but Aella quickly adjusted the look on her face to show a simply gentle smile. "No...I simply took interest in you." That was the women's first exchange, but it was only one in many.

Soon the scientist began to sneak away from the rest of her research group to see Aella. They would meet in a cove that Aella had began living in. After many meetings here the woman talked Aella into going on land with her. Her time on land began to get better with each visit, and finally the two came to an agreement.

Now 22 Aella moved onto land. She lived in a tank that was open to the public to see, and she lived rather happily as the scientist visited her often, and allowed her to leave and return whenever she wanted. It was all going smoothly for a year, but suddenly the scientist disappeared....Everything changed then. Aella's tank was adjusted so it was soundproof. She couldn't get her voice across to those who came to watch her; there were no holes for air, but rather a special machine that pumped oxygen into it, and when the men allowed near her to feed her came, they wore headphones that played loud music so her voice couldn't reach her.

Aella was trapped in a tank that only had a few rocks for her to sit on above water, and they gave her a baby doll with a tail like her own poorly taped onto it to keep her occupied and at least somewhat happy. For the past five years Aella has lived captive in a tank as an attraction, only clutching onto that baby doll.

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PostSubject: Re: Ealasaid, Aella   Ealasaid, Aella I_icon_minitimeSun 26 Jan 2014, 9:39 pm

Ealasaid, Aella 3a9d9a10

You make me do crazy things.
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I miss hearing you sing
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Ealasaid, Aella
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