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 Hattori's Room

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Races Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Re: Hattori's Room   Sun 16 Dec 2012, 9:42 pm

Hattori simply listened to Mori as well as letting his mind go at ease, the pain was easily going away due to him just staying still. However, he couldn't help but move his head a bit to make sure it is still intact and that he could still feel it. The incubus opened his eyes quite weakly for it was like he was fearing what he may see, however when his eyes fully opened did he see a bit more of a clear view though things were still blurry. Hattori narrowed his eyes some what for it looked like he was going to cry though no tears were shed.

"Actually, I fear the worst. I will remember things that I hadn't had no clue about. If my memories come back and I come to know everything, I may come to feel worse than I ever had before. Everyone wants a happy beginning and ending don't they? I fear that I may come to never have both."

It was a weird feeling that came up in his chest, he couldn't understand this feeling but it could not be helped for he was at his lowest point some what. Everyone needed to express themselves don't they? If they don't then they may come to feel even worse than before.
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Mori Akuto

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PostSubject: Re: Hattori's Room   Wed 19 Dec 2012, 1:45 am

Mori blinked as he looked down to the demon, surprised by the rich of emotions he could smell and sense off of the usually heartless and grumpy demon. He flicked his ears before taking another piece ode Hattori's hair and braiding a new section, his work was not too tight but it also wasn't loose and weak. He did his braids like he did his drawings, neat. He stayed quiet for a koment before fonishing another braid and leaving them there as he ran his hands through the demon's hair and smiled a little.
"Happy beginning.....I wish. I was abandoned as a toddler. me and my brother both. We don't know if our parents were nekoes, humans, or vampires. Tailors, bachelors, or street wenches. What i wouldnt give for this so called blessed beginning and happily ever after. This is Miyagi. Human and Race alike, we are here because of what ails us in the past. You are not unlike these people, Hattori. you may br old and you may have been to many places but you are not the relic here that stands corroding like the people on this rock that we call streets and ruins and roofs and sidewalks of Miyagi. We all have out secrets and you know what they say about secrets. sometimes, they are better left alone." Looking at the demon, he could tell that these memories were nearly killing him. Had this changed his mind ok his own locked memories? His expression held no answer but the simple smile on his face as he played with Hattori's hair.


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Races Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Re: Hattori's Room   Wed 19 Dec 2012, 7:27 pm

Everythings was sort of different to the incubus, Mori's words were indeed true and it seemed to make logical sense but as he thought about it did his head slowly begin to hurt again. This was indeed a interesting pain that the incubus was surely not use to, every time that it hurt he had to wonder why and how he could get it to stop for good. Hattori's eyes left for a second for he was now looking to the side, all of the figures and colors were starting to come back at a very slow rate and he guessed he was alright now. Moving his head lightly did he manage to get it out of Mori's lap in a rather weak way almost. Placing his right hand on the side of his head did he sigh some what with his eyes closed now. Everything seemed to happen for a reason, things were indeed different to the incubus though one thing wasn't so different. Many people lived in the world which was rather stupid or foolish. Hattori thought this alright but he also thought of other things. Maybe they didn't have to be the cruel mortals that he believed them to be, maybe he was the cruel one. The incubus frowned as he looked down silently as he allowed his right hand to move from its place which was on the side of his head. Jaeden did say that stupid people did do many mistakes, but it was common to make mistakes for not everyone was perfect. Sure, they were different from everyone else but they were not perfect. Hattori knew this, he wasn't perfect due to the fact that the many mortals proved this to him from time and time again. It was indeed getting rather tiresome.

"Things happen for a reason, however my mind on that seems to be changing quite fastly."

Hattori couldn't fully agree with that, he also could not agree that everyone wanted to be his friend or enemy. People just did things only cause they wanted too. The incubus knew that for a fact for he did things on his own that was against other peoples wishes. Standing up now did he take his time to walk back to the place that he was before when he had experienced the pain in his head. Since he could see did he take up that same book that he knew right away, he couldn't see it before but now his vision was slowly returning and he could now see it. Touching it with his left hand did he feel rather comfortable with the book, this had to hold some clues. The incubus simply pried the lock open and flipped the book to its first page. Hattori's eyes narrowed as he looked at the faint words of the book. It was a log, it was his log or in other words his book that he wrote in. Mortals called them by a dairy of some kind. A log however sounded more promising. Hattori glanced to the side at Mori and then he closed his eyes smirking rather dully. There wasn't much more to be said or thought at this point.


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Mori Akuto

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PostSubject: Re: Hattori's Room   Mon 21 Jan 2013, 7:40 pm

Mori blinked his eyes as he felt the demon shift in his lap and flicked his ears up as Hattori got up on his though, admit it was rather weak and he seemed to struggle for a moment but he got up alright and looked around the room in rather less of a daze then he had before. The neko watched the man for a reaction but it did not cross his features that were blind to the world around him. The statement uttered by the demon on the mattress beside him made him think and he got up on his feet, the feeling of restlessness starting to ache in his veins. Things happen for a reason. That is true. To an extent. What is it that makes them happen in the first place? Was the trick to this time old statement that yes, while things have happened almost precariously and damaging one but might they be not for the sake of turning back on the one who might have commited such transgression but because that someone else has and this person was just a mere victim to the consequences that should have been lain out to another. There was no mercy in the world and there was no justice. While Hattori might be right to hate the living which had done him wrong, he was wrong to hate the ones who had not dealt with him. Such causes without the reason was just another way to have someone or something have it fall consequence to and the whole cycle starts over again.

The neko's thoughts swirled in his mind so sickeningly fast that he grew dizzy on his feet and stumbled, nearly falling to the ground but with the grace and dignity, he fixed and corrected himself. Only looking like a drunk man for a moment before beginning his pace around the room once more. With what conseuquences have dealt upon the neko, he pondered who started them if they were not to put himself to blame. Would it be he? Or his other?
Would It be the girl down the street or the homeless man across the street? Where did it start? And where would it end.

"Doubt it as you may. There is too much thinking behind such simple words that go back centuries..." He muttered, unsure and uncaring if the demon heard him or not. His black eyes seemed dull in comparison upon him entering here though something hidden lay inside, as he turned them back to Hattori, one would say that might have flashed red as the light refracted upon his peculiar orbs, not that of a human but of a feline.


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PostSubject: Re: Hattori's Room   

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Hattori's Room
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