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 Hollow, Hattori

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PostSubject: Hollow, Hattori   Tue 13 Nov 2012, 4:00 pm

'Hattori' Hollow

“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: {Human/ Incubus} - Half-breed
AGE: 20's- Unknown
NICKNAME(S): Hollow, the only common nickname that he has which is also placed in his name sometimes.
ELEMENT: Darkness
OCCUPATION: None, as of now.

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: Crimson w/ slightly slitted pupils
HAIR STYLE: Long to about shoulder length for the front bangs, and then longer in the back going completely over his back. Hair is elegantly styled, especially a lone bang which goes in between his eyes.
SKIN TONE: Medium type. {Mixture of white/ light brown}
HEIGHT: 6'6 to 6'7
WEIGHT: 160 to 170 pounds.
MARKINGS: Has these details below~
- Black nails
- Black coloring over his eyes much like eyeliner, but it isn't eyeliner
- Wears small pieces of jewelry on his fingers all of the time. Finger covers made of black, ruby rings on black iron bands, etc.
- Black 'V' on the middle section of his tongue. A tattoo.

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”

PERSONALITY: A normal type of personality, though that varies on what he is feeling or expressing. Actually known as being bipolar, his actions and emotions do change quite often due to what he is experiencing. Though, he is bipolar his actions and emotions are quite common much like how everyone else shows their feelings. Normally, he is quite the same as everyone else it is just that his judgments and his likes and dislikes are quite different. Meaning, he never expresses them much for he tends to hide them as well as his viewing on some people. However, that doesn't mean he can't share his feelings to those he is close too. Other than that, he is quite normal though he can be a little on the stubborn side as well as the rude side. Laughing and chuckling to himself when he hears something that isn't funny. Slightly dark natured as well as sarcastic, he can be a decent guy. It is just that you have to get to know him better due to the fact that he is a little distant with everyone.

{Note: Example with his feelings. When he feels happy, he gets angry or cranky. Whenever he is sad, he gets to over whelmed and tends to snap at people.

Mostly, he gets mad when he is happy and sad. As well as being happy when he is mad. This is probably what explains him being sarcastic almost all the time.}

HABITS: Tends to move his bang in between his eyes every now and again. Sometimes he acts like a sarcastic brat, which is about all the time.
◇ Is a well skilled climber/ gymnastic.
◇ Slightly increased stamina.
◇ Slightly increased Strength.
◇ Decent chef, he knows his way around cooking some decent foods though he is not a expert.

◇Lounging in a tree branch or somewhere high
◇Hot chocolate
◇Long showers or baths
◇Hanging out with people he is close too

◇Being looked on as weak
◇Animals of all kinds
◇Having his horns pulled

SPECIAL ABILITY: Due to his element he can disappear and reappear when shadows are around which allows him to move silently. 'Teleporting within Shadows'

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Doesn't know his real parents, though he was taken care of by a young human man who is only 18 years of age. Leaving his guardian, he has now come here without knowing if his guardian is alright or not.
HOMETOWN: France. Lived there with his guardian for a short time.
BIRTH-DATE: November 22nd.
HISTORY: Not much is known of where Hattori came from, the only thing that is known was that he was found by a young rich lad and lived there with him for a few months being close to a year. After sometime, it began to get complicated with his living environment and so he left his founder behind in France. Hattori does not know who his real parents are or where his real home is located, all that he does know is that he is different from everyone else. Everybody that he saw didn't look like him and so he began to think that he was the only one out of so many beings that looked to be like him in every way. Hattori decided to travel the vast world in hopes of finding answers, but all that he found was rude people as well as sour hearts in his travels. 9 out of 10 people tried to capture Hattori and sell him for profit due to how he looked. Not liking the idea of being sold did he begin hiding away from everyone and only traveled at night. Commonly known around the area, everyone began to keep their eyes open in hopes of finding this rare being which only bothered Hattori. He couldn't help but flee from the area and come into a new location. He came and then he went, for the same thing happened everywhere he went that was why he changed his name and thus gave him a nickname to partly hide from those who knew his name which worked for a time. After so many long days and months, did things began to get worse and he was attacked by people who thought that his looks were wrong if not a curse on sanity. This attack on him changed on how he looked at everyone due to him getting a large gash on the back of his head which caused a lot of problems. Waking up after being attacked was he aware of where he was at; he was in the alleyway tossed with the trash. Hattori frowned after seeing where he was, not only that but his head hurt really badly which caused his vision to become blurry. Stuck with the wound, did he decide to leave everything behind and come to Miyagi Prefecture.

After arriving here, did his feelings and emotions change. Never did he look to everyone the same way again for he knew that everyone was the same as those who attacked him and even tried to sell him. Hattori's wound healed but only to find out that it wounded his brain beyond repair which explains on how bad his feelings and emotions are causing him to be bipolar. Hattori became very sarcastic with his feelings and even began to be a little distant as well as losing his knowledge on what his incubus half is or how it works. Everyone here is nothing like Hattori is for he speaks in a British accent which is majorly fluent as well as being easily noticed. Not only that, but he is tough and tends to have way too much time on his hands for he tends to lay around and goof off almost all the time. Hattori is here for one thing, to start his life over and making his very own family though he isn't sure on how to express his feelings at all with anyone. This also means that he is pretty sucky with affection as well as showing it, though he tends to tease as if a expert. Due to the fact that he is half incubus however, he needs to at least kiss one person to keep his strength up for that is his only source of life. That in itself is a for real fact.

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PostSubject: Re: Hollow, Hattori   Wed 28 Nov 2012, 9:48 pm

You make me do crazy things.

"They meant a lot to you, didn't they?"
"They did, but everything happens for a reason."


I miss hearing you sing
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Hollow, Hattori
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