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 Dregovich, Sashura

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Sashura Dregovich

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PostSubject: Dregovich, Sashura   Sat 14 Jul 2012, 9:59 am

Sashura Dregovich

“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
HUMAN: Werewolf.
AGE: 20.
OCCUPATION: Spetsnaz soldier.

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: His eyes are surprisingly soft violet, which contrasts with his deep black hair.
HAIR STYLE: His hair extends to his neck in a 'dramatic' fashion. Asura's hair is often well kept from simply not sleeping on it much. He ends up sleeping sitting up a lot and even then, he usually gets a three to five hour nap in during the day.
SKIN TONE: Somehow his combined eating habits and horrid sleep pattern doesn't effect his complexion which is near perfect. Proof that war can be forgiving sometimes.
HEIGHT: Standing at six feet even, he's a pretty average size for his age.
WEIGHT: A Russian soldier needs a body of steel to survive the harsh life they will live in war, and if not that, a will of steel to replace it. This goes double for a member of Spetsnaz. Sashura happens to have both. One-hundred and sixty pounds. Depending on his eating habits, which fluctuates depending on his surrounding and living conditions, it will stay around this number. The build on Sashura is a unique kind, one that gives him just enough build of muscle so that he can carry out missions with ease. He could manage this without looking like a body builder or 'macho man', which was what his other comrades would have looked like if he ever had any.
MARKINGS: The only alien mark on Asura's skin is a single work of art, a tattoo, given to him when he enlisted to the Spetsnaz. Residing on the left of his back, just on his shoulder, is Russia's flag. Its size is about five by three inches.

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
PERSONALITY: Sashura is a particularly flexible individual in terms of personality. He can find enjoyment in just about anything, so befriending him is an easy task. It takes him little to no time to find some type of hidden meaning in a simple statement, and while he doesn't like preachy people, he could talk you to death about a thing or two. Asura's active as can be, and likes to spend time with others. People who are active and like to spar with find him to be a good friend. This goes double for anyone who likes to just kick back and relax as well. Typically just a chill person to be around.
When stressed, however, Sashura does have a bad habit of smoking. He hasn't become addicted, yet, and rarely lets things like that control him. His will is much too high for that.
HABITS: Smoking and isolation.
◇Martial artist.

◇Modern technology.
◇Girls with attitude.

◇Men that hurt women.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Progressive Scan/Auto Aim: The psychic' ability to seek out a person, place, object or thing with the mind, and mind alone has come to be known by Sashura as Progressive Scan. This ability does not work the way that sonar works, by echoing unseen waves off object surrounding the user until the being or object is found. It is an omniscient ability that seek out people by their DNA. For finding objects, the object has to have been touched and seen by Sashura. For places, there is no limit.
When applying this ability to battle, or his gun more so, he can transfer the data created by his mind through his body and have his body focus on that point physically. Prime example: An enemy five hundred yards away is hiding within the grass, unseen by the eye. Sashura can raise his weapon, then activate this ability to point his gun directly at the person, giving a one hundred percent guarantee that the target will be hit by the bullet unless an outside force acts on him, or the traveling round. For this reason, his scope is made nearly useless.
Two downsides to this ability is that when the ability is activated with a gun, it will point at the person's chest. For him to shoot the head when using the ability, he would be directed towards their chest, but would then need to manually raise his rifle to the head. Another downside to this is that, as stated earlier, shooting while the ability is active does not mean it will hit for sure, though if the person does not act on stopping the bullet or shifting its path, it will impact upon them.

“Evil has reigned for one hundred years.”
APPEARANCE OF MACHINE: Nida takes the appearance of an average crow, quite capable to blend in with any type of environment. There's nothing special about 'her' in term of appearance.
SPECIALTY: Nida is an excellent tracker for werewolves. If she were larger in size, she would most likely be just as good as capturing them as well.
WEAPON: When Nida opens her beak, she can send out a extremely high pitched screech that only non-human species can hear. The noise is so loud, it causes the brain of the individual(s) to vibrate, causing intense and excruciating headaches capable of making the person pass out. The sound can be heard from a mile away, and from that point, begins to fade from audible recognition.

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Mother- Passed away. Father- Unsure.
SIBLINGS: Illyasviel Dregovich
HOMETOWN: , Russia
BIRTH-DATE: April 11th
HISTORY: Starting off as a child, Sashura did not grow up in the best of neighborhoods. His family just made it by with his father’s shop, which sold various good to the town they resided in in Russia. His mother was fairly sick after his birth, but was never taken to a real doctor to check what the problem was. At the age of ten, Asura's mother passed after a slow progressive death from cancer. This devastated him for five whole years before it was knocked out of him by the Russian military. At fifteen, looking older for his age, he was pushed into rough training when a shortage of troops was calculated by the country. Such a young person can only be crammed with so much information, but Sashura did his best to take it all in. In turn, it made him stronger, having forgotten about his mother, who had man him weaker of a person. His determination to not be beaten by the commanders and physical training instructors was so great that he excelled past his comrades, making him stand far apart from them. From the beginning, the military had put him as a sniper, due to his age. They knew it was mostly like he would not be able take a hit out in the middle of battle, no matter how hard they beat him here.
A year went by and by this time, he had been put into the Spetsnaz, a special operations group for the Russian military. Since being thrown in, he had become the youngest, deadliest sniper in the entire camp he was stationed to. The quiet attitude Asura kept made the others somewhat cower from him. He had much on his mind with not having seen his father since being taken away from him, and only knew he was put into the military as well.
Quite a few operations later, and after having gotten his hundredth kill, he and a few others were celebrating in a rundown city on the outskirts of Israel. The television was on, not for watching, but just so there was some noise in the room. The news for the local area happened to be on when an incoming call came through over their receiver. The informant relayed information of a hostage situation involving their own fellow Russian comrades. Their objective was to eliminate all hostiles from the area and assure that no hostages were harmed in the process, a difficult task with the amount of people in that district. Just as they stood and began walking to the door, Sashura turned to the television, a few words echoing in his head as the newscaster uttered them. There on the screen was his father. The newscaster was on the scene of the place they were just sent to go, the camera man having zoomed into the window of where the hostages were kept. The men holding them allowed the news team to do so for publicity reasons, obviously. "Father..." he whispered, then ran out the door, his eyes flaring. If only he had not seen that news cast...
An hour later, they arrived in the area, dropping off Sashura far from the scene at the best known sniping spot for him. He climbed the stairs of the ten story building in no time and threw his equipment onto the ground of the rooftop, immediately taking Wulf out and setting it up. From where he was, he could perfectly see his father in a window through the scope of his rifle, sitting on the floor and bound. A few meters away stood another person, wearing an opposing uniform. An obvious hostile. His crosshair flew over to the man's neck and locked there, ready to pull the trigger at any moment. In his internal rage, he wasn't thinking properly. Not in the way he should have. He was breathing hard and ready to shoot at any moment without holding his breath, he hadn't checked the wind, nor waited for his team to arrive on the actual scene and set up. Worst of all, Asura had no idea how many people were inside the two story compound.
He took the shot.
In that moment, all hell broke loose, the sound of screaming, running, and assumptions from pedestrians, small pops from other guns in the distance, along with other chaos. Despite having killed one enemy, he realized he had fucked up bad. In a pinch, he jumped up and ran to the side, dropping to the ground again on the rooftop. As he looked through the scope, he could see a little better now...and gazed upon the hostiles executing, one by one, a room full of tied up hostages. In his rage, confusion, and complete clumsiness, he began shooting into the room, missing with every round. Asura hurried over to his ammunition pack to get another mag, cursing in Russian as he did so. As he dropped the magazine from his Dragunov and pushed the other in, the sound it made told him it was jammed. By the time it was fixed and he looked up, he couldn't find his father anymore and, what looked like an escape truck, had fled the scene.
Even the smallest screw ups get you boned while in such a high position. This one, however, was nowhere near small. Sashura was demoted temporarily and sent on long term leave, of sorts. He was to be sent to a place not known by ordinary humans, a place where not only humans dwell the streets. It was called 'leave' because his mission was passive, he was to do what he saw fit and to make smart decisions on his own. Only time would tell what he would actually be headed into.

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Dragunov SVD [Optical zoom, Foldable Stock and Grip, Optional Silencer, Mag Capacity: Full-11 Currently-11]
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PostSubject: Re: Dregovich, Sashura   Sat 14 Jul 2012, 6:53 pm

You make me do crazy things.

"They meant a lot to you, didn't they?"
"They did, but everything happens for a reason."


I miss hearing you sing
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Dregovich, Sashura
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