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 Grave, Kelsey

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PostSubject: Grave, Kelsey   Wed 22 Feb 2012, 1:42 am

Kelsey Debane Grave

“I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!”
RACE: Information like this is classified though I can spill it a little bit.

Half Breed/ Hybrid.
Vampire, a humanoid creature that consumes blood and or tablets. All the same blood.
Nightmare, a humanoid creature which is a descendant to that of a demon that can cause night terrors when provoked or threatened.

AGE: Actual Age, 600. Looks/ Seems to be in between his mid twenties to late twenties.
NICKNAME(S): Reiichiro, can call him Rei. Normal/ Common name to be Brandon. Other names such as pen names are allowed though are limited to few. The names are, Caine and Crescent though he usually will let most people call him Ivory.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Classified information, though I guess I can share it since it is needed on this record. Bisexual.
OCCUPATION: Use to being a hired hand. Usually, Kelsey will not accept a job so easily though he does have one job that he loves doing and that is the simple kind of work for any man of his style. Bodyguard/ Negotiator. Other than that he has no other jobs.

“If he tells us to hurry one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat.”
EYE COLOR: Onyx, appears to be a dark blue onyx though. Kelsey's eyes are very much called emotionless eyes for never does his emotions show through his eyes making it seem like he doesn't care much.
HAIR COLOR: Deep color of, Onyx/ Black
HAIR STYLE: The style is slick and smooth with healthy shine completely covering each strand of hair. Known to be seen as healthy and always bouncy. Kelsey never really does wash his hair though he does wet it then dry it. Silky to the touch as well as smooth, his hair is pretty short and evenly cut though sometimes he will let some of it cover his face entirely or one side of his face entirely. Use professional hair gel on his hair which makes it the way it is.
SKIN TONE: Mixture of Tan/ Pale
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 129 pounds, with shoes or steel laced boots then this increases making his weight 147.
MARKINGS: Never seen due to his hair hiding his ears. Left, has 6 outer rings on his ear. Right, has a silver outer ear hugger made out of complete steerling silver with diamond studs. Also, wears fancy belts of leather to rings made out of real jewelry. Having a love for silver and diamonds does this lead to him sometimes wearing chokers with black leather material with crosses on it with diamond studs to wearing crescent moons as well. The gifts and such he gives people is pretty much the same for he will give them silver. Wear's loose leather belts which aren't complete as well.

“Didn’t I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?”
PERSONALITY: Classified information but since this is my report then it can not be helped. Kelsey Debane Grave is a complicated man who is hard working and is always seen as being a straight out planner when it comes to making plans and such. Intelligent to know when a situation is bad, Kelsey has come to increase his senses and reactions all due to his experiences with the Mafia from long ago. Use to, Kelsey wasn't much of a guy to like that kind of thing but when his life changed and he slowly began to lose everything and go into debt. There was no other way for him to live, and so he joined the Mafia when he was pretty young about the age of being that of a teenager. Kelsey was about the age of 15 when he enrolled into such a dangerous buisness. This brought out his serious side as well as his sarcastic side, usually being seen as a decent man who listens to people rather than talking alot himself. Trained to not show much emotion and being good with combat and such, he is the perfect type of man to take care of himself as well as others. Never does he show anything that gives off the sign if he is truly happy or not for always he is 'smiling' to others and giving them a friendly wave whenever he meets someone new.

His line is this.
"Everyone's life means more than my own, if I had to choose between life for me or life for another I would choose to save someone else's life than my own."

Other than this, he is pretty good. Though he doesn't speak much all it will take is for him to get use to the person and compare peoples feelings. Usually, Kelsey doesn't think to much about his own happiness but deep down he is thinking of it but he is thinking about other's happiness more than his own. Selfless is the perfect term for it, for he would save a stray cat from getting hit by a car even if it meant his own life were to be taken. Carefree, and very polite. Kelsey Debane Grave is the perfect friend though he doesn't know about relationships in which case he needs to be taught about it as well as getting his emotions to show. He is also very secretive and doesn't know much about his other feelings or emotions for he suffers from memory loss which he has had ever since he was set free from the Mafia he was working for, being about 300 when he lost his memory .
HABITS: Is saracastic with most of his feelings as well as what he says about people. In a way this is his way of communicating since he lacks some emotion and is viewed as anti-social though he is sort of the opposite of it. Kelsey is also a selfless man and if you were to punch him he may not defend himself, never does he care about himself for he cares for others as well as animals more than himself. In a way he is sort of like a human being without the motive to being happy.
◇Good combat specialist, especially with his hands.
◇Trained negotiator.
◇Planning out plans, blueprints, typing files, etc.
◇ Bodyguard, has the paitence and will power to be a good one.

◇French Fries
◇Vanilla Coffee
◇Communitcating with others
◇Laying down on couches after taking a bath or getting out of the shower.

◇When it is extremely hot outside
◇Normal coffee
◇Blood tablets, though still takes them

SPECIAL ABILITY: Kelsey Debane Grave's ability relates to his element. Using the ground he is able to use it to defend himself or to use it when he feels threatened. 'Like a earth bender'

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.”
GUARDIAN(S): Uncle Ross and Father Hoki
SIBLINGS: Kelsey Debane Grave does have over 10 siblings though they are not related in anyway. Classified, though may make a appearance later on.
HOMETOWN: New York City, the big city.
BIRTH-DATE: July 13th
HISTORY: Kelsey was 15 and enrolled in a Mafia group for he wanted to prove that he would still be able to being useful. During this time when Mafia's were still against eachother, it made everday living difficult and so this was the only job open. Staying with them for sometime improved his skills and trained him to be good in situations where he was constantly shot at by others. Time went by pretty quickly and sudden something broke out causing the memory loss of Kelsey, all that he can remember is many people storming in and him then being shot near the center of his chest. This was about the time that he was 300 years old and kept up with the Mafia ever since he first enrolled. Now, he is a free lanced worker who is still very a trained individual who can make many changes into the world as we know it already. 600 years old now, Kelsey wants nothing else to do but relax and have a easy life style though it can not always be that way for always he is seen working not matter ther weather and no matter the location. Since he worked with the Mafia for sometime did he get enough money to buy whatever he wants though he spends a lot he is more than capable to keep up with large amounts of money than anyone.

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PostSubject: Re: Grave, Kelsey   Thu 23 Feb 2012, 12:14 am

Very nice.

You make me do crazy things.

"They meant a lot to you, didn't they?"
"They did, but everything happens for a reason."


I miss hearing you sing
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Grave, Kelsey
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